Qwert 1

Footnotes make fantastic hovertips.1 But whilst hovering over them, they contain an unnecessary <br> that makes custom styling impossible.2

The footnotes are also difficult to stylise, because there are no classes given to the elements (the <b>Footnote #</b> is not a nice way to render bold font, I'd prefer <span class="footnote-heading">Footnote #</span>).

  • <b>Footnote #</b> has no span class
  • <div>Footnote Content</div> has no div class
  • <span>(click to scroll to footnotes)</span> has no span class

This is bad bad bad, for obvious reasons, as it makes me resort to the following ugly CSS code:

.hovertip .content > br {display: none;}
.hovertip .content b, .hovertip .content span {display: none;}
.hovertip .content div b, .hovertip .content div span {display: inline;}

When I could ideally be using this instead:

.footnote-heading, .footnote-scroll {display: none;}
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